How Do you Vote

Preprinted ballots are used at each polling place.  Voters select their candidate by filling in the oval shapes with a pencil on the paper ballot and running it through an optical scanner.  Private cubicles ensure privacy and confidentiality.


For people who live with a disability, an accessible ballot marking device is available at each polling place.  Voters who have different physical, cognitive, sensory, language and literacy abilities can select their candidate by using a touchscreen display using audio or tactile keys.  

The ballot marking device will then print out a ballot that can be run through the optical scanner in the same way that others vote.   

Absentee Voting

In certain circumstanes, people who can not vote in person can use absentee ballots through the Registrar of Voters, the State of Connecticut Secretary of State or here. There are strict laws for absentee voting. You may qualify if you are an active member of the Armed Forces, will be out of town, have an illness, are an election official, or have a physical disability.  Here are some resources to see if you qualify and for you to apply for an absentee ballot.

stay current on how to


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, work and may change the way we vote.  

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